Dorset Heritage Museum
705 766 0323
1040 Main Street
Dorset, Ontario  P0A 1E0
Discipline(s): Heritage
Scope: Both
DHM View of Buildig.JPG
Municipality: Algonquin Highlands
Primary Role: Museum
Secondary Role: Education
How We Operate: Primarily operate in full-time owned or leased facilities
Touring Program: Yes
Ethno-Cultural Focus: Yes
Dorset Heritage Museum officially opened on July 1st, 2001 and is located in Dorset Ontario at the crossroads of Muskoka & Haliburton featuring museum exhibits of early pioneer life, local settlers, traditional logging practices, great photo collection, and historic information pertaining to pioneer settlement of the Dorset area.
As well as preparing information and exhibits for adults, we feature exhibits for our youth. With the closure of our school, our community is very committed to sharing ‘the way it was’ with our children. Our summer residents also want to treasure and respect the importance and uniqueness of their adopted community, and safeguard its future development. The Management Committee hopes to accomplish this through participation in entertaining and informative activities.
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